Truth Time.

I haven’t stopped working. Not in the least.

While last Wednesday was supposed to be my last day of work. A nice, relaxing three day work week to round out my time at Starbucks.

Then the internet took over. This is truly the fault of social media.

In a total work-a-holic moment I thought I would “pass by” the “Take My Starbucks Shift, Please!” Facebook group, where baristas go to get a shift covered….I was only going to look….I was sad about quitting my job and thought I would take a trip down memory lane.

Alright fine, I wanted more work.

Lo and behold, I found it. My three day week turned into a six day week. That was supposed to be the end. Saturday was supposed to be it. I was supposed to end my time as a barista on Saturday, retire the green apron and have brunch with Renata on Sunday.

Well yesterday I went to work, today I went to work and I’m headed off to work tomorrow. Then I’m done….actually….for real. I’m headed to Montreal on Friday and I made plans on Thursday so I won’t be tempted to take an extra shift.

I think I’m afraid of going on vacation. I even emailed my new job to ask if I could start early as a volunteer! I’m so desperate to work that I’ll work for free….

Tomorrow is officially the last day…..Monday should be interesting. I have a weekend in Montreal to distract me from my impeding vacation.

I think I’m the only person out there who fears vacation.


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