Moving forward and looking back: a reflection on social media

So while I’ve been a blogger for quite some time, this blog was born out of academic necessity. It was a course requirement that I fully plan on maintaining as I have a big love for blogging, bloggers and all things ‘net’. Part of our assignment is to look at it and figure out what it “all means”

We can say social media is great and for my specific Online PR course, the usefullness of social media has been instilled in us and as an avid and longtime user, I couldn’t be happier.

But really, what does it all mean??

Social media has changed everything, it’s almost cliche to say, but is it easy to say but not so easy to execute. I recently worked with a client to develop a social media plan for his salon. He knew he wanted to use social media but didn’t know how. He thought setting up a Twitter account and some Facebook would be easy. Three weeks and one solitary tweet (written by me!) later, with no update to the Facebook page in sight, my client admitted it was easier said than done and hired someone to do the work. Is it a good investment? Absolutely. But it’s just that, an investment. Social media isn’t your average day of searching videos of dancing cats on YouTube, it’s a genuine effort that has to be taken to reach a broader market and touch more lives with your ideas, product or writing. But it takes work and maintenance.

But as in most situations, the hard work pays dividends.

Courtesy of my friend John Slighte’s blog facade blog, I discovered a great video on how social media is changing the face of tourism in Canada. I’m beyond excited for YouTube’s Day in a Life project and I’m considering submitting a video of my own. Social media is more than just business or pleasure, in a way it brings business and pleasure together, allowing people to absorb content from wherever they feel comfortable from whatever medium they choose (I will continue to envy those who use their iPad for this).

So even though I think I can say I saw the value before, I’m a much better user (and abuser) now. It just takes a little effort and the desire to expand. But hey, if someone wants to give me an iPad to maximize my tweeting, I’d be open to that.


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