The uninformed vs. Google

I am directionally challenged.

My father can drive somewhere once and never forget how to get there. When I was 16 we took a family road trip to Vancouver, BC and he never once pulled out a map. I’ve lived in Toronto for almost a year and I’m still trying to figure out this north-south crap. My directional challenges also stem from the fact that no matter what city I’ve lived in, I’m a public transit user, so the only way I know for a lot of places is the bus route. Well in Ottawa where I used to live, the busses have their own roads and in Toronto you can’t quite drive the subway route.

Needless to say I use Google Maps A LOT. That and Mapquest are my lifesavers. They tell me how to get somewhere, how long it will take me, and with my trust print-outs I can navigate the tumultuous cul-de-sacs of the suburban jungle with ease.

So when I read that a woman was suing Google because of an accident she had while using Google maps, I almost took it as a personal attack.

Lauren Rosenberg, a Los Angeles woman is suing Google because it’s directions told her to walk down a rural country road with no sidewalks or pedestrian lane. Not surprisingly, she was struck by a car. She is suing Google for her $100,000 in medical expenses and she’s also attempting to cash in on the guy who hit her by suing him for punitive damages.

Has the legal system become so flawed that we can now sue people for our own uninformed decisions? It actually blows my mind that Lauren Rosenberg thinks she can legitimately sue Google. The woman wandered blindly down a dirt road, and it’s Google’s fault? Every time something bad happens and people don’t want to be responsible for their actions they can call a lawyer and milk the cash cow?

I hope the judge laughs, throws this out of court and sentences Lauren Rosenberg to a geography class so she can learn how to use a map.


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